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BILL RATNER certified reviewer · June 17, 2013
As documentary theater goes this piece is totally satisfying. As with all world-shaking events (9-11, Columbine, Katrina) we can only know what really happened by hearing stories--stories we don't get from TV which trivializes by its very nature, or the internet which doles out reality in burps and drabs. It takes live theater with excellent actors like those now playing in Katrina Comedy Fest (Deidrie Henry, Travis Michael Holder, Judy Jean Berns, L. Trey Wilson, and Jan Munroe,) to bring home the truth, the flavor, and the reality of what happened in New Orleans in August of 2005. Writer Rob Florence culled from hundreds of hours of actual interviews, stories that are neither helpless victim nor superhero tales, but rather stories that are... full review

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SHEANA OCHOA · June 17, 2013
Rob Florence enlarges on the view from the ground. His play offers an inspiring portrait of a community that came together to weather the storm with grace and laughter. To write “The Katrina Comedy Fest,” Florence wove real-life survivor accounts, a feat that I as a nonfiction writer applaud. When you’re working with true stories, the job of assembling the facts into one coherent, linear story is challenging. Florence accomplishes this with not one, but five individuals, creating a pastiche of characters whose combined experience pays homage to America’s most colorful, benevolent and often ignored city: New Orleans. “The Katrina Comedy Fest” opens presumably at the renown Mother-in-Law Lounge where the characters take up their individu... full review

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ANONYMOUS certified reviewer · June 23, 2013
Enjoyed this very much. A poignant reminder and beautifully done ensemble piece about a city that was abandoned. Some of the performances brought tears to our eyes. Great stuff.... full review

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NICK ULLETT certified reviewer · June 23, 2013
A collage of true stories told by survivors of Katrina and woven into a wonderful, funny and illuminating evening of theatre by the director Misty Carlisle. This 70 minute show is a sheer delight and beautifully acted. A strong recommendation. Not a polemic, not a series of sob stories, this show keeps you on the edge of your seat. Thanks.... full review

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BELINDA GOSBEE certified reviewer · June 30, 2013
The simplest and truest form of storytelling. I loved this production. The actors were utterly convincing and kept everything simple, clean and connected. Brought back to me what I love most about N'awleans- the people and their big hearts. ... full review

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