Daddy Didn't Die, Did He?

comedy · will matthews & casey christensen · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States

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IAN FEDERGREEN · June 21, 2013
Do not put be put off by a terrible title- this show is hilarious from start to finish. I repeat- laugh out loud from beginning to end. Two performers play a multitude of characters with such precision and skill that you often know who's who based on physicality alone. The characters are so funny and well-realized, the story so snappy (and sometimes sweet)- it is easy to believe the actors have worked as a successful comedy team for 12 years. Ace direction, too. This is one to see. full review

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BILL RATNER · September 09, 2013
I FINALLY caught the show at the Complex 9/6/13. I always intended to see DDDDH during your Fringe run but instead went out for tacos, drinks, saw other shows, etc. But last Friday night I made it to Spumoni, and you guys were frantagalistically exquisite. I'm almost glad I waited to see DDDDH, because your performances were so tight, your timing so exquisite, your pirouetting from character to character so flawless, that my wife and I wanted to hurl hundred-dollar bills at you, but we only had fives & tens, so we refrained. Casey, your vocal range (including satanically low tones as rotten sis) was heavenly whacky to behold, and both you and Will sent us into paroxysms of laughter. You two were like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers from he... full review

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BOB LEGGETT · July 14, 2013
I really had no idea what to expect from this show, and was pleasantly surprised at the depth of humor contained in it. Both actors were amazing in their multiple roles, but truly shined when they were the evil twins. My sides hurt from laughing at their antics. This is a wonderful show - don't miss it!... full review

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JOHN PAUL KARLIAK certified reviewer · June 30, 2013
Full disclosure: I'm friends with the one of the performers, but I'd never seen their work, and as my Dad had only passed away two months ago, this was not the show I was most looking forward to see. But I'm SO glad I went! Matthews and Christensen are character wizards, deftly jumping from persona to persona at the drop of a hat. The comedy is both nuanced and broad, with fast one-liners, visual gags and screwball conflicts that make this the "big cast" farce to see at Fringe. And that's the greatest part: so incredible is the character work, it's easy to forget that you're watching 2 people and not 20. Extra kudos to the duo for managing to lightly touch on the "truths" of life/death, giving a little depth to all the hilarity. ... full review

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