ensemble theatre · fierce backbone · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States

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Review by ALEX SCOTT
June 16, 2013

My overall impression

Fierce Backbone returns to the Fringe this year with Mona Deutsch Miller’s experimental, cerebral Court Room play “The Beating”. While I don’t agree with hardly any of Sam Szabo’s directorial decisions or some his casting choices, I do believe this is a show that some people at fringe might find enjoyable – and it is by far the “fringiest show” I’ve seen so far. Jessica Richards and Karla Solarte shine as Juror’s # 4 and 5, and towards the end of the show Michael Khanlarian is a joy to watch. Overall though, the beating seems to beat it’s audience over the head with too many choreographed dance moves and choral reading to be worth it’s admission price. In my mid, it’s an experimental piece that never quite gets there, and falls a little bit short.

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