ensemble theatre · dog park theater co. · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States

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JACKIE CLIFFORD certified reviewer · June 16, 2013
You know the kind of theatre that is engaging the entire time, and leaves you feeling alive and energized... well, that's how my experience of "Aperture" went. I'm so glad I wasn't deterred by the 11:00pm showing of it. The three actors in it were all rock solid in their performances. Matt Morosky's performance as the lead was amazing. In the opening of the play, he immediately brought the audience into his world and made us care and pay attention. Though his character isn't entirely likable, he managed to portray him so honestly that in that honesty a compassion for him emerges. In fact, what's great about this play is that all the characters are not entirely likable. Bridgette's character is both grotesque and completely adorable. In... full review

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WILL SCHMIDT certified reviewer · June 17, 2013
This show kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Superbly well acted, laughs when you least expect them and a twist that you'll be remembering for weeks to come. A true treat for any fringe goer.... full review

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Chat Heaven or Chat Hell?

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A Russian beauty. A chat room packed with horny males. A moderator yelling for tips. Just another night in Chat Heaven. Until tragedy strikes. At the Fringe June 4-9-13-18-22.