Dick & Jayne Get A Life

ensemble theatre · three peas productions, lazlo vidor productions · Ages 18+ · world premiere · United States

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June 24, 2013

My overall impression

This is a wonderful new play. I have seen A LOT of shows this Fringe and most a pretty terrible, but this is a real play with real characters who learn and grow and we feel for them. Peppur Chambers is a great writer and she shows off with this piece.
The acting is overall pretty wonderful, especially Nicole Adelman and Michael Hampton who play the leads Jayne and Dick. The work Michael does on Dick is worth going to the theater for all by itself. He creates a strange, socially awkward, introverted emotional shut in who all of a sudden opens himself up when he meets Jayne and can’t turn off the torrent of honesty that pours out of him. Jayne is damaged too, and her damage makes her too sensitive. She feels everything too much, too soon and reads way too much into every situation. And it seems like the pairing of her and Dick, a man who seems to not feel enough, but is completely honest is going to be perfect. And watching these two navigate the bumpy road of new love is fascinating.
I have one minor problem with the show and it comes from the direction, and that is that there are too many black outs. It may be my personal thing, but transitions are my theater pet peeve. It’s not terrible, and it doesn’t kill the momentum of the play, it’s just a little annoying to this theater snob.

Go catch this fun play.

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