Comedy, Death, and a New Ferrari

solo performance · individual · Ages 12+ · world premiere · one person show · United States

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TAY ALLYN · June 24, 2013
Very funny, while being very emotional, truthful, and insightful into this young girl's life. Watching this story unfold is a true joy and one that will touch all who see it! Recommend!!!... full review

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JEREMY ELLIOTT · June 26, 2013
Jen moves seamlessly through a host of colorful characters during this heartfelt performance that keeps the audience moving alongside her... The whole play strikes a satisfying and necessary balance of light-hearted comedy and at times paralyzing grief as she navigates through the simplicity and naiveté of her younger self coming to grips with the complexity of her relationship to her father while they both confronted his mortality. There's something refreshingly natural and honest about her process of coming to terms with all the events that transpired, but it's being afforded a glimpse into the dynamics of this wackily unconventional family that really keeps "Comedy, Death, and a New Ferrari" so unique, engaging, and uplifting. ... full review

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ANONYMOUS certified reviewer · June 23, 2013
This solo show does what a theater show should make an audience do: laugh and cry at the same time. Great story and script, engaging performance. Recommend it to all your friends!!!... full review

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ALESSANDRA BONETTI certified reviewer · June 27, 2013
Jen's story is so incredibly powerful and moving. She seems to move seemlessly between comedy and tragedy, making the audience feel like they're being taken care of. She has a light emanating from her spirit that glows so bright the moment she comes on stage; she is excited to tell and share this story, and the audience is right there with her the whole way. She's a brave performer, with an incredibly big heart, and I thank her for sharing. ... full review

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ROBERT FABRICANT · July 03, 2013
I was absolutely blown away by the performance of this one women show. I was not sure what to expect when I came to the theater that evening but had I known what I was about to see I would have dragged everyone I know along with me. The show was poignant, fast moving and kept me wanting more at every turn. Before I came I knew there was only one actor in the show but I did not know that she would bring to life over 14 different characters, nailing each persons speech and mannerisms in a way that made me feel I had met so many different people in such a short period of time. The show just flew by because each scene was seamlessly sewn into the next. I have never had a performance make in laugh and cry so many times. It left me wanting more of... full review

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