Comedy, Death, and a New Ferrari

solo performance · individual · Ages 12+ · world premiere · one person show · United States

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ANONYMOUS certified reviewer · June 23, 2013
This solo show does what a theater show should make an audience do: laugh and cry at the same time. Great story and script, engaging performance. Recommend it to all your friends!!!... full review

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BOB LEGGETT · June 25, 2013
Considering this show was directed by Jonathan Munoz-Proulx, a prevous Best of Fringe winning director for Piano Man, I knew the show was in good hands. In addition, the comic genius of Jennifer Rendel is obvious in this very touching and heartfelt story about the search for the meaning of life. It will make you laugh, cry and acknowledge that the old adage, Laughter is the best medicine, is the best way to live your life.... full review

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ALESSANDRA BONETTI certified reviewer · June 27, 2013
Jen's story is so incredibly powerful and moving. She seems to move seemlessly between comedy and tragedy, making the audience feel like they're being taken care of. She has a light emanating from her spirit that glows so bright the moment she comes on stage; she is excited to tell and share this story, and the audience is right there with her the whole way. She's a brave performer, with an incredibly big heart, and I thank her for sharing. ... full review

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