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Reality, time, and space shatter in the moment of
Emily’s stroke. Seen through her eyes, time can no
longer be taken as a linear event. Slowly, Emily pieces her consciousness back together, fitting the pieces into a type of reality.

Through dance-theatre, visual imagery, and an
integrated soundscape, this production of Arthur
Kopits’ Wings brings the audience into Emily’s world, from her point of view, at the moment of her stroke.

Wings was created through a collaborative effort with director/choreographer Naomi Bennett,
Featuring: Rocky Lane as Emily Stilson
With ensemble cast members: Nadine Bedrossian, Charles Dent, Andy Her, Diana Pascau, and Vocalist Ana Avila.

Not.Just.Theater, a performance company created by New England native Naomi Bennett, explores the place were theater, dance, and media come together to create multi-disciplinary performance events.

Production team:
Direction/Choreography by Naomi Bennett
Scenic designer Heather Fipps
Lighting designer Jessica Morataya
Projection designer Erik Boccio
Sound designer Rishad R. Rai (assisted by Crystal A. Gonzalez)
Vocal coaching by Kayla Burchatz
Dramaturg: Greg Langner
Assistant Director: Aspen Ford
Stage Manager: Ritchie Macias

Performance Dates:
Friday, June 21, 4pm
Friday, June 28, 2:30pm
Sunday, June 30, 4pm

Tickets: $12
Performance length: Approximately 1 hour.

production team

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naomi bennett *

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jessica morataya *

lighting designer
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erik boccio *

projections designer
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rishad r rai *

sound designer
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crystal gonzalez *

assistant sound designer
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ritchie macias *

stage manager
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rocky lane *

actor - emily
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nadine bedrossian *

actor - ensemble
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charles dent *

actor - ensemble
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andy her *

actor - ensemble
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kayla burchatz *

vocal coach
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ana avila *

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heather fipps *

scenic designer
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aspen ford *

assistant director
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greg langner *


* Fringe Veteran

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