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ensemble theatre · os satyros combined artform · Ages 18+ · flashing lights · includes nudity · 1hr · Brazil · ·
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This acclaimed production, based on the novel written by the Marquis de Sade, is a unique theatrical experience and it has consistently been performed for the past ten years with record attendance.Os Satyros’ “Philosophy in the Boudoir” was considered a “scandal” in many countries.Set in a bedroom, two libertines (Juliette and Dolmancé) host a young virgin girl (Eugénie). They introduce her to the Libertine philosophical system, while presenting her to the exquisite pleasures of the flesh.DISCLAIMER: This show contains frontal nudity,sex,scatology and blasphemy. Sade’s text is not palatable. Not recommended for hypersensitive individuals.

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patricia aguille

juliette de saint'ange
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raissa peniche

eugenie de mistival
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luiz lope

andre, chevalier de mirvel
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deborah graca

mme. de mistival
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davi tostes

the statue
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lino reis

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andre engracia

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matthew quinn


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