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CHRISTY SIMONS certified reviewer · June 16, 2013
nothing more original! mackenzie kyle shines as the straight matt damon, and yeager is also great as a ben affleck you just want to smack over the head. hilarious! the girls are talents no doubt.... full review

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CARRIE SNOW certified reviewer · June 16, 2013
Great evening. Fun show, and both actors were amazing. Thanks, Fringe!... full review

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MARCIA DUNNE-KYLE certified reviewer · June 22, 2013
If you want a thoroughly entertaining evening, go see Matt and Ben. Mackenzie Kyle and Mackenzie Yeager are a fresh, funny young comedic duo with terrific timing and a tremendous future if they care to pursue it! The play itself, written by Mindy Kaling, tells the story of Matt Damon and Ben Afffleck before they made it, and the script from "good will hunting" falls from the sky. it is funny, dramatic and fast paced. The two actors in this versiion do it justice. coming in at just an hour,the only problem is that you want it to last longer! ... full review

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KATIE KING certified reviewer · June 21, 2013
I had no idea what to expect coming into this play, and I was honestly blown away by how funny and talented both actors were, and how original and funny the play itself was. It's a highly enjoyable hour full of laughs - sometimes (most of the time) at the expense of Hollywood stars, but all in good fun. Would highly recommend to anyone with a sense of humor, and especially fans of the "real" Matt and Ben!... full review

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