Listen... Can You Hear Me Now?

solo performance · an 11:11 experiment · Ages 13+ · family friendly · flashing lights · one person show · United States

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WINNER! Best of Fringe Extensions!
Official Selection NY International Fringe Festival!

“A POWERFUL SHOW” “The entire audience was utterly ENTRANCED”
“A story well worth listening too and watching”
– Examiner (Ron Irwin)

“… amazingly funny and audience members, regardless of their backgrounds, identified with it.”
-Lynne Bronstein, Santa Monica Mirror


Gloria Rosen’s Listen… Can You Hear Me Now?, is an autobiographical one woman show based on her life growing up as the hearing child and sole interpreter for her two deaf parents. She was the vigilant listener – the one to sort out all the sounds, let her parents know what was happening at all times, and be their connection to the hearing world.

The show invites you into her childhood home where ringing telephones and doorbells were wired to lights that lit up the house; watching TV with her parents required absolute concentration as her job was to lip synch all the shows; and we see what happens when she tries to pretend she can’t hear so she can make friends with the children in her parents’ club for the deaf.

“Listen…Can You Hear Me Now?” is unexpectedly funny, sometimes scary and certainly eye-opening. It speaks volumes about being an outsider, whether within one’s own family or in society as a whole. Regardless of the circumstances, we can all relate to never quite belonging – and trying to find our own place in the world.

Her life, and this show, has been a journey to find her own voice. To reach out to all of those standing on the outside looking in – so they can know that there is a place for them… a place for everyone.

(No sign language interpreters will be provided for these performances.)

Parking for the show is available at The Hudson Theatres parking lot on the corner of Santa Monica and Hudson Avenue. Cost is $5.

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Last two shows 6/21 and 6/23!.

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