Luna Noctiluca

ensemble theatre · concupiscence productions · Ages 16+ · includes nudity · world premiere · United States

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June 12, 2013 certified reviewer

My overall impression

This production, directed by one of my friends and esteemed colleagues — Brooke Silva, is a great conceptual piece and a tough on at that. It’s no east feet to put a show like this up. I commend her and the cast and designers for a of their hard relentless work.

On the other hand, the show lacked polish. It needs some reworking and cutting of the script, as do ALL original pieces of art. Things get cut and put back in constantly. But I thought the idea was interesting. It’s a very ambitious piece of theater. So all I can say is keep going, keep exploring, keep trying new things. DON’T let these anonymous reviews get to you. Keep trying to improve the work and piece of theatre you’re creating.

I definitely think that the woman told was an interesting one but one that needs more clarity.

The acting in the show was pretty good for an experimental show like this. They all struggled with the poetry and language of the piece though. And many were in their heads.

Again all I can say is KEEP EXPLORING!

Congrats to all!

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