Vivaldi's Winter

ensemble theatre · the smiley face and the frown entertainment group · Ages 14+ · world premiere · United States

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Review by ALEX SCOTT
July 02, 2013 certified reviewer

My overall impression

I went into Vivaldi’s Winter admittedly pretty blind, unsure of what I was about to see, and while what I saw didn’t “wow” me, I appreciate that this particular production had heart – something that’s hard to find in a fringe show.

The two person cast works well together and both monologues offer some complex character work. While I think Ashley Victoria Robinson could have come into her scene a bit more connected, she eventually gets there, and JP Rapozo blows his comically touching monologue out of the water.

I wasn’t crazy about the scene the two actors shared together, because it was jarringly different from the rest of the play – and we could have done without it. There also seemed to be a few technical issues – but hey, that happens.

What I appreciate about The Smiley Face and the Frown Entertainment Group’s inaugural Fringe Production is that it takes a risk, and I think they may be on to something interesting if it were explored on a larger scale – the idea of writing an original monologue/ or a scene for a character mentioned in a monologue from another playwright performed at the top of the show.

One minor note: I would make sure your space fits your show. I think you faced a herculean task, trying to get audiences for this show at the fist. But thank you for sharing your story. I loved how connected both of you were to the material.

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