BEYOND - I Am Google

comedy · kingswell productions / combined artform · Ages 10+ · one person show · United States of America

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ALEX SCOTT certified reviewer · June 13, 2013
It's always risky when a performer must rely on a responsive (and full) audience to have a great show, and it's always risky to put on a show where each audience member's experience is shaped by those other audience members around them. Unfortunately, Craig Shaynak's 2011 and 2012 Fringe Hit "I Am Google" does exactly that. Now, please don't get me wrong - there are parts of this show I did enjoy - such as Shaynak's many voices and a section of the show where he acted out something you can find on (a bald horse) - but over all the comedy just isn't all the funny and feels, more often than not, a little forced. Jokes get reused, apologies for not being funny enough get made, and what is ultimately a great concept for a one man... full review

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ANONYMOUS certified reviewer · June 16, 2013
Had me laughing the whole time!... full review

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FABRICIO CERIONI certified reviewer · June 28, 2013
It was great, and it's especially appropriate if you're familiar with the services (e.g., Gmail, Twitter, etc.) Craig makes fun of. Overall it was very enjoyable and he's very good at adapting his show to that day's audience (when we went, nobody had iPhones -- we were and Android crowd -- and he seamlessly adapted to that as well as the fact none of us used Twitter (it was a strange audience).... full review

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