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Love! War! Gods! Frogs!
Tragedy strikes and comedy ensues in five mini-chamber operas based on Aesop’s Fables.

BLOUIN ARTINFO – International Edition

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Jordan Riefe
The Hollywood Fringe Festival wraps up this weekend after painting the town with two and a half weeks of outrageous theater, music, spectacle, and monologues. Saturday night’s best bet is “AESOPERA,” (also Sunday @ 1:30pm Ed.)five mini-operas based on Aesops fables sung with a comic twist."

“elegant staging highlights Price’s lush music and the intriguing emotions of its stories”
—-Musicals in LA

“Fresh and innovative, this creative rendering of Aesop’s timeless insights is a joyous fusion of operatic traditions, modern situations and everyday lingo.”

“Aesopera is sure to appeal to opera lovers and novices, of every generation, with its amazing, inspiring lyrics and grand drama.”
—-Tolucan Times

“truly original and blithely entertaining”
—-Lauris List

“You don’t have to be an opera aficionado to enjoy Aesopera”
—-Tolucan Times

Music by Jonathan Price
Libretti by Jeff Goode
Jan Michael Alejandro, and the Composer

Running Time: 76 minutes
A poor fisherman is granted three wishes, but that may not be enough for two daughters. A lion sacrifices his claws for love. A queen learns the consequence of absolute power misapplied, an inventor tries to outwit fate, and amphibian voters elect themselves a carnivorous queen! Set in mythic Greece, but touched with a modern flair, these lush and lyrical mini-operas bring the timeless stories to vibrant life.

production team

U 4521 t 8018546

alison kalmus

producer, artistic director
U 4694 t 3334452

kirk smith

director, artistic design
U 17927 t 575000
U 17928 t 6744555
U 17926 t 1803602

elyse cook

admin. director, various
U 17944 t 3453049

miguel vargas

U 17945 t 909988

leonardo sciolis

music director
U 17948 t 8504913

jeff goode

U 17985 t 5815033

chad parker

technical manager
U 18037 t 817785

blanche ramirez

U 18038 t 2393284

victoria graves

U 18039 t 2608730
U 18040 t 5499439

kyle hester

U 18041 t 6352831

sarah reynolds

U 18105 t 9029360
U 18042 t 8241565

victor mazzone

U 18132 t 2342531
U 18430 t 1655584
U 18451 t 533030
U 17840 t 8149213

jonathan price

Default user image

olivia o'neill

stage manager
U 87295 t 6081852

alison eliel kalmus *


* Fringe Veteran

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