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June 27, 2013


On Thursday, June 27, “The Time Machine Musical” completes its six show run at the Hollywood Fringe Festival with a sold-out performance.

One of the most hotly-debated shows of the Fringe this year, since its June 13 opening “The Time Machine Musical” has wowed audiences at The Lillian Theatre with non-stop musical numbers featuring drugged-out, dancing Eloi, rapping Morlocks, and a Morlock King that plays a mean guitar riff.’s theater critic Bob Leggett called the show “brilliant,” saying, “This show could very well win a Tony.”

In their review of the show, We Make Movies said: “Despite the non-stop action and the 19 songs, this condensed version didn’t feel rushed and [director Josh] Fardon really allows the actors to take their time with tender moments and to tell a moving story of a lost man torn between two different worlds and times.”

For updates on future runs and status...

June 23, 2013

REVIEW: "BRILLIANT...THE TIME MACHINE MUSICAL IS SUPERB!" - EXAMINER.COM’s intrepid music lover and LA theater critic Bob Leggett recently attended a performance of “The Time Machine Musical” and included the show – a rock musical adaptation of H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine” – in his roundup of Day 7 of the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Bob writes:

“[Writer/Composer Steve] Altman has created a beautiful piece of theater and has adapted it for the Fringe with the help of director Joshua Fardon, effectively turning a two-hour musical into a one-hour revue. In addition, Altman is quite effective as William Parke, the eccentric inventor of the time machine.

The assembled cast is quite remarkable, creating a true ensemble…Although this was a workshop performance, I can hardly wait to see the full length musical. This show could very well win a Tony."

For Bob’s full review, and the entire Day 7 recap:

May 30, 2013


For the first time ever, a rock musical version of H.G. Wells’ science fiction novella The Time Machine is coming to the stage, making its world premiere at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2013. The Time Machine Musical, written and composed by Steve Altman and directed by Joshua Fardon, opens June 13 at The Elephant Stages’ Lillian Theatre.

In this new rock musical, as well in Wells’ original story, a brilliant but troubled British scientist invents a machine that takes him into a distant and violent future. Although the full version clocks in at two hours, this premiere production condenses the story into a one-hour, non-stop time warp, featuring such musical numbers (written/composed by Altman, who has also written songs for Motown, Disney, and HBO projects) as “Technology,” “Time in the Universe,” “Meaning of Life,” “Men of Knowledge,” and more.

With a story that centers around mankind being split into two – the above-ground Eloi and the unde...

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