DeMystifying Magic

solo performance · bob gebert · Ages 16+ · one person show · United States

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West Coast Premiere!

A legendary stage magician bids farewell to eighty years of magic. His life story unfolds as his greatest performances live again.

Actor, writer, and Magic Castle member, Bob Gebert portrays magician Richard Ryder from a five year-old child prodigy through his confrontational appearance in front of the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Packed with unique presentations of magic effects, DeMystifying Magic crisscrosses the emotional highs and lows of the universal artistic journey.

“A must see… More than just a magic show… successfully weaves magic and theater… combines a love story with social commentary and chronicling one magician’s development as an artist…”
Wizards Report, International Brotherhood of Magicians, Ring #39

Written & Performed by Bob Gebert
Directed by Ursula Mills

(There is valet parking at the theater)

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* Fringe Veteran

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