Little Pussy

solo performance · john grady · Ages 16+ · one person show · United States of America

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BOB LEGGETT · June 11, 2013
Grady last graced the Fringe stage in 2011, when he brought his award-winning play, Fear Factor: Canine Edition. Considering the title of his current piece, I thought he had switched from dogs to cats. Needless to say he wasn't talking about that kind of pussy. In actuality, Grady's new show is about the quest for manhood, and the obstacles that must be overcome to reach that destination. It is about a boy who has to grow up the hard way, without a true "father figure" to teach him how to be a man. Along the way, he struggles through gymnastics classes, ballet and fighting off bullies before he reaches his goal of manhood. Check out the rest of my review on full review

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