Seven Dreams of Falling

comedy · minotaur productions · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States

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Review by NOMI DAVIS
June 13, 2013 certified reviewer

My overall impression

What a pleasure to preview this intelligent, sexy, and funny show all rolled into about 75 minutes!

I had no idea really what I was about to see — I had some loose mythy memories of a minotaur trapped in a maze and some poor soul getting suckered in to wearing wax wings for his air transportation.

These myths are connected….. didn’t know that! And like all good myths has Truth in it. Like an old school groundhog day, it reminds us that we keep operating under the same habits (and mistakes perhaps) unless we break out of the prisons (imagined or real) that others and ourselves create for us — unless we have the courage to try something different and stop the cycle.

Scott Wilkerson and his carefully cast talent are each perfect for their roles: the effervescent and wanting-to-please Stephen Foster was an inspiring Icarus; the snorting Minotaur played by Kerr Lordygan was sexy, tender and sometimes scarey, Charles Pelletier as Daedelus, the grounding force, a measured father figure and reminded me of Gippeto or Allen Thicke. Moronai Kanekoa the hot & hunky Theseus and made me blush (just a little) at his raw passion and ease of fence jumping:-0. Charlotte Gulezian as Ariadne made me laugh at her smart, well timed dark comedy takes. Thomas Anawalt deftly directs this fast moving thoughtful take on an old story.

At least that’s what I got.

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