Lemon Boots

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June 11, 2013

My overall impression

LEMOM BOOTS rocked my socks off! This show was so inventive, physical, visual, heartfelt, block rockin, and just plain awesome! The one guy kicks and flips and spins like you won’t believe. It’s worth going just to have your mind blown. The whole cast is so committed, they become different characters and worlds with just a turn, a light shift, or a look. Sometimes I feel bogged down by shows that are obsessed with telling the same old story I’ve heard a million times before. With LEMON BOOTS I love that it doesn’t hit us over the head with what we’re supposed to take away. The story and the world is beautifully laid out before us (with us invited to participate in a welcoming way, which I love and wish happened at other shows like this!) and it was left open for my own way of seeing it, like it allowed me to bring my ideas into the world right with the actors. You definitely won’t find a more energetic, fun, immersive, transporting show at the fringe this year! Best physical theatre I’ve seen in a long time hands down! Put this on the top of your “to see” list, you’ll be happy you did!

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