The Ruby Besler Cabaret

cabaret & variety · ruby besler productions · Ages 18+ · world premiere · United States

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MARIA BAKER certified reviewer · June 26, 2013
The show was campy, funny and sexy. I had a great time seeing the show, Gere Fennely on the keys in particular!!! Highly recommend it.... full review

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ERIN MOORE certified reviewer · June 12, 2013
The preview performance suffered from a few technical issues as well as a lack of air conditioning and started 15 minutes late (but still ended 10 minutes early). Overall though the show is a fun 40 minute peak into the life of Ruby Besler. The songs and lyrics were cute and fun to listen to. The dancers definitely know their dances but did seem a bit nervous and unsure of themselves. I was hoping for a bit more of the magic and spectacle of 1940's burlesque but what they did, particularly with the fans was entertaining. While the stories Ruby tells are entertaining the staging was a bit distracting. There was a lot of pacing back and forth and at times I wondered if it might not be more effective to actually get to meet these characters, se... full review

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PAT MUSICK certified reviewer · June 15, 2013
Ruby Besler takes us back to a time when girls with "no prospects" were taught to live by their wits, which often included the world's oldest profession. Switching back and forth, Anastasia Barnes embodies the role of her domineering mother, and Ruby herself, while singing various numbers of delightfully raunchy tunes, along with a wistful torch song. Her sexy corseted back up singer/dancers play various roles brilliantly, an accompanist who could follow you through a blizzard, and the conceit of the chapters of her life delineating the change of scenes is a brilliant one. Add lots of red velvet and beautiful sparkling costumes from the period, and you'll step back into the 40's for a delicious hour. ... full review

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EDGAR BELTRAN certified reviewer · June 15, 2013
It was my first time goin to a show like this and i loved. It thanks to my friend for inviting me ... full review

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SHEANA OCHOA · June 17, 2013
After seeing “The Ruby Besler Cabaret,” I have one thing of timely importance to say: There are only 3 shows left. Buy tickets. Why? The show is not only a feast for the eyes, but for the heart, mind, and let’s not forget, ears. Let’s begin at the top: Four leggy showgirls, Regan Carrington, Tatiana Giannoustsos, and Laurel Vecsey choreographed by fellow dancer Flame Cynders set the mood with precision-propelling white feather fans a la Swan Lake. To your right, talented Gere Fennelly plays piano, adding to the cabaret atmosphere. Then she comes on stage through the red velvet backdrop: Ruby Besler, the cabaret star, played by Anastasia Barnes, with an astonishing vocal range. Ruby lulls us into the story of her life, which is told wit... full review

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STEVE CRANE certified reviewer · June 17, 2013
Funny, sexy and great music... and who is that amazing piano player? None other than Redd Kross's Gere Fennelly! Great fun! Highly recommended. ... full review

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ASHLEY COTTER · June 29, 2013
This is Classic Cabaret at it's finest. You can't ask for a more pure example of what Cabaret should be! You can see my full review here. full review

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