Ebony Cabaret

cabaret & variety · dp productions · Ages 21+ · United States

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BRITT DIXON · June 14, 2013
I went to see the "Ebony Cabaret" with a few friends from different walks of life and we walked away completely entertained. A friend told me that she felt like she was in a "Time Warp". The production mirrored what I would of imagined the Cotton Club to be like. Each artist brought something special and unique. I would pay big dollars to see this on a grand stage. It is a treat for a group of friends, couple on a romantic date who want to dress up and experience some history. I give it a A for Awesome and look forward to seeing this show grow with time!... full review

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MELANIE MARTIN · June 15, 2013
A festive display of talented young artists with an appreciation of dance, song, poetry, and music...real music. The producer is smart enough ignite our senses with a BAND of gifted musicians. We can all agree that the feeling of live music is like nothing else in the world. The cast of trained/professional dancers is always entertaining as they energize the room between performances; weaving in and out of the audience. Special guest burlesque dancers render the audience motionless with their ultra-feminine beauty, confidence, and grace. The singing is pointed and emotional, the original poetry transfixes, and whole the scene is one that carries you to a place that you seldom go; into a world of raw fantasy. I TRULY recommend repeat vis... full review

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IAN FEDERGREEN · June 20, 2013
After starting 17 minutes late, this show was a mixed bag. The performers are definitely talented, but I didn't love a lot of the material, and I'd be surprised if there was any direction at all. I also wish the mic volume wasn't set so high in a room that doesn't even require a mic. fringeblog.webs.com... full review

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PARADISE LOVE · June 25, 2013
Great Show. It took me back to a Time Lost but not forgotten!! That of the Cotton Club. These talented artist gave a stellar performance that included Ragtime Dance, Tap & Burlesque also Unforgettable Powerhouse Singers that gave me chills with their Soulful vibrato filled vocals. Thanks God someone decided to put on a production that was filled with a variety of entertainment and a breath of fresh air from all the 1man/1woman shows that are performing in the Fringe Festival. GREAT SHOW!! ... full review

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