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Join some of LA’s finest musicians for free live music every Thursday and Saturday night. From rock to jazz, punk to folk, and everything in between, many musical stylings will be heard at Fringe Central Station. Be sure to check back for even more artists.

Thursday, June 14th – 2nd Floor “Up Stage”
9:15 Andrew Potter
10:00 Anna Su
10:55 Sarah Ault
11:30 Huan Solo Project
12:00 Jazz Jam – open set/all welcome to sit in

Saturday, June 16th – 1st Floor “Cabaret Stage”
9:00 Dream Hydra
9:35 Wings Take Dream
10:40 The SixtyNineties
11:45 Sean Pawling
12:30 Sorry, Nelson

Thursday, June 21st – 2nd Floor “Up Stage”
8:25 Chad Land
9:00 Derek Scott Rocchini
9:35 Danny Tieger
10:10 Me & Mr. Cassidy
10:45 Veronica Mannion
11:20 A Splinter
11:55 buchanan & his wife

Saturday, June 23rd – 1st Floor “Cabaret Stage”
9:00 Bash
9:35 Mortified After-School Orchestra
10:15 Jesse Macht and the Buffalo Fight
11:00 Ice Cream Fire
11:45 Christopher Hawley Rollers
12:30 Glass Goblins

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How to be Lazy and Not Feel Guilty

A 3906 m 5114127

In this absurd satire, Jenine overworks herself until she goes insane! Watch her wrestle with a vibrant ensemble of weirdos. This play was workshopped at the 2017 William Inge Festival.

My Own Private River Phoenix

A 3555 m 3948454

How far would you go to meet your celebrity crush? What if he was dead? Ai moves to America to find River Phoenix. Struggling to survive, she tries to keep 3 promises she made to her father: No religion, No guns, No drugs.