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it was all a dream productions · Ages 18+ · world premiere · United States of America

Peek inside the Cult of Indoor Cycling. Two former employees of the so called "Scientology of Spin," share their experience in a one-hour comedy, exposing all their secrets. Written by Xochitl Romero & Verity Branco Directed by Bernardo Cubria

just telling my story, man

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Murray Meyer's "In My Own Defence" - one man show. A single father, a mob boss and a pot selling nun. Hudson Guild 6539 Santa Monica Bl June 15, 16, 17, 22, 24 http://hff18.org/5157

Sex Rated G by Lisa Verlo

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Sex Rated G is a personal trip across Hollywood’s unsettling salacious landscape. A sexual resume told with such candor that in the end SEX will no longer be a four-letter word.