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it was all a dream productions · Ages 18+ · world premiere · United States of America

Peek inside the Cult of Indoor Cycling. Two former employees of the so called "Scientology of Spin," share their experience in a one-hour comedy, exposing all their secrets. Written by Xochitl Romero & Verity Branco Directed by Bernardo Cubria

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Haven't you ever dreamed of being able to fly? Charlotte has. In fact, flying is the only thing Charlotte has ever wanted to do. And she's determined to find a way to do it as she works towards understanding what it means to be free.

Still Life of an Orange Puppet Parables

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A series of fables that are absurd, funny and poignant. Through storytelling, animation, and puppetry, performance artist Jean Minuchin takes the audience on a journey into today’s most pressing issues through the charm of puppetry.

Cuba on the Fringe

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Two generations of women cope with motherhood and madness in the aftermath of Fidel Castro’s revolution.