Castle Performing Arts Centre at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

For many, going to the mecca of all Fringe Festival is the ultimate. And that is exactly what a young and talented troupe from Castle Performing Arts Centre (CPAC) have done. Flying all the way to Edinburgh, Scotland. We just had to ask them a few questions before they flew away. Oahu Fringe tracked down their fearless leader, Ms Karen Meyer.To lead a young group from Hawaii, you have got to be a very fearless leader. How fearless are you really?I’m not afraid of much. And if you are well rehearsed and surroun...

Fringe Freaks

Thanks so much to The Offsetter for this story. Yes, our Fringe will be on February 12 – 15, 2015.For info on The Offsetter, please visit: The Offsetter...

Hawaii Business Podcast

It is always exciting to share what the Fringe is all about. Thank you to Hawaii Business Podcast for the opportunity to do just that. This session was so much fun to do. Click here to listen.HBP is all about sharing stories. Perhaps you may have a story to share. To find out more about them and the stories they share, please visit their site. ...

One City One Pride Festival Partnership

As an additional promotion to Hollywood Fringe participants, we are partnering with the City of West Hollywood’s One City One Pride Festival. For all the details on this partnership visit www.hollywoodfringe.org/weho.Any participant show with LGBTQ themes that books at least one performance in a West Hollywood venue is eligible for a complimentary HFF registration (valued at $250) courtesy of a grant received from the City of West Hollywood. They will also be included in the One City One Pride Festival. These ...

Hollywood Fringe Awarded $10k from National Endowment for the Arts

The Hollywood Fringe Festival is proud to announce that it has been awarded a National Endowment for the Arts Art Works grant of $10,000 to support the Fringe Scholarships program. This grant stems from more than $82 million approved by NEA Chairman Jane Chu to fund local arts projects and partnerships. The Art Works category supports the creation of work and presentation of both new and existing work, lifelong learning in the arts, and public engagement with the arts through 13 ar...

Educate Yo-Self! Or Who Is Blamed?

I’m a writer. Writers write at every opportunity given.  I am not the collective voice of Bitter Lemons.  I take full responsibility and ownership as a writer with editing access to the Bitter Lemons site.  I love free speech.  I love the concept of being able to express oneself.  I love that one can make their voice heard through a collection of letters rearranged to fit your thoughts. I just love that shiz.  A few days ago an article was released on this site called &n...

We're here. Make use of us.

Bitter Lemons has been an arts forum since 2008. We have succeeded in our mission to bring the Los Angeles theater community together, at least twice: readership has never been higher than during the pro99 debates last year, and this month, as we have come across some hurdles and are facing some challenges.We have already put ourselves through some changes in the past couple of weeks, and time will tell whether we have chosen well. But one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to hosting ideas and d...

2016 Hollywood Fringe Festival Stats (Bigger Than Ever... Again)

We’re proud to say that the Hollywood Fringe Festival continues to grow! Some newly released facts about the seventh annual festival:We sold approximately 56,000 tickets this year.Since our inaugural festival in 2010, ticket sales have increased more than 300%.The festival sold an estimated $447,000 in tickets this year. The central Fringe organization doesn’t touch this money— all $447,000 has been returned to Fringe artists and venues. In its seven year history, Hollywood Fringe&nb...

The Interns: Looking Back on HFF16

The Hollywood Fringe Festival would not be able to operate every year were it not for an army of volunteers and a few hard-working interns. We recently reached out to this year’s interns and asked them to write a few short paragraphs about their experience. Here’s what they had to say.From Ben Fang, the HFF16 Volunteer Intern:Throughout the three weeks that I volunteered for Hollywood Fringe, I was often met with surprise when I described my background and interests. “So, what is a musician with al...

New Staff Position: Community Engagement Coordinator

The Fringe staff is seeking a new team member. To see if you are the right fit for our Community Engagement Coordinator position, please check out the job description below and apply by September 12th. ResponsibilitiesThe Community Engagement Coordinator will support the Outreach Manager in efforts to expand and diversify Hollywood Fringe Festival’s program, focusing specifically on community events serving the current body of Fringe participants and audience.Work to expand the Fringe Scholarships diversi...


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Set against the backdrop of the Trojan War, Kassandra tells the timeless story of the struggle between men and women, the will of the masses and the individual, and the destructive force of war.


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Macbeth but funny!