Hollywood Fringe Offers New Creative Workshops

The marketing and promotional workshops are already de rigeur for all participants, but now the Fringe gang have added free “creative workshops” to perhaps help you get that fringy idea over the line in time for 2016. Check it:Organizers of the Hollywood Fringe Festival (www.hollywoodfringe.org) have annou...

Dates for Hollywood Fringe 2016

Dates for the 2016 Hollywood Fringe Festival were formally announced this week.The seventh annual festival will take place June 9th-26th after a week of Previews taking place June 2nd-7th and an Opening Night Party on June 8th. Registration for the festival opens February 1st—create a project today!...

Hollywood Fringe Deadline for Inclusion in the Print Guide is April 1st

Don’t miss out! Here are the deets: Hello Fringers, This is a friendly reminder that Friday, April 1st, is the registration deadline for those who wish to be included in the printed guide.&...

Are you Taking Full Advantage of all your Hollywood Fringe Benefits Here at the Lemon?

American Theatre Magazine calls us “indispensable,” the OC Weekly says we’re “the best website devoted to Southern California theater,” the LA Weekly deemed us “invaluable, ever-provocative, fearless, funny and unabashedly vainglorious” and the Hollywood Fringe Festival has crowned us Los Angeles Theater’s “theatrical lightning rod”.While we agree with all of them, we feel it’s avant garde North...

The 11 Commandments for Having a Good Time at the Hollywood Fringe Festival

I posted these many moons ago, 2013, I believe it was, and they ring even truer now.Slightly modified.Commit these to memory, LemonHeads, and follow them religiously.They will serve you well as you delve deep into the dark dank depths of the 2016 Hollywood Fringe Festival.Ignore them at your peril....

Deadlines Approaching for Hollywood Fringe Benefits at Bitter Lemons: Awards, Promotions, Reviews & More

Okay, people, it’s May 31st and the Fringe is upon us.Some of you have gotten wise to the amazing deals we’re offering Fringe Participants here at the Lemon and you have taken full advantage of them, while others have not.Well here’s your final shout!And what are we offering? For a thorough answer to that question go here</...

FringeMeter 2016 is Live!

Top of the site. FringeMeter. Live Real Time Review Aggregator Score pulled directly from the User Reviews on the Hollywood Fringe Site. This was the granddaddy prototype for our very own LemonHeadMeter. But we’ll get to that later. For now we have, FringeMeter 2016!How it works: See a show and then go to that show page on the Fringe site and post your review. The top secret magical algorithm takes care o...

"The Big Snake" is Hard to Swallow

As ambitious as its title, The Big Snake or How I Got Eaten Alive on National Television and Lived to Tell About It! is writer/director Tom Cavanaugh’s attempt to sen...

This "Virgin" Puts Out

In the 2006 film, The Holiday, Cameron Diaz says to Jude Law at the end of a romantic afternoon, “Sex makes everything complicated. Even when you don’t have it, the not having it makes things complicated.” Those words certainly characterize the experiences of one 30-year old virgin who tells her own complicated story in How to Be a Virgin (in 12 morally ambiguous steps).Playwright Carla Neuss lays it all out there in this autobiographical two-hander, starring Katelyn S...

"Hello Susanna," Your Dead Ancestors Want More

Susanna Leonard’s solo show, Hello Susanna, starts with a Facebook post to acknowledge an ending and ends with a blessing to declare a beginning. As the newly-divorced young woman struggles to make sense of her life, she looks to her ancestors for guidance, finding it in her Aunt Clara’s memoir and a visit from the ghost of her great, great grandmother, Anna Ruth.From them, she hears stories of how they overcame challenges in the old country, where starting over was a fact of life. P...

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Advertising with the Hollywood Fringe Festival is an excellent way to promote your project, organization, brand, or cause. Buy an advertisement now on our website or printed guide.Advertising with the Hollywood Fringe Festival is an excellent way to promote your project, organization, brand, or cause. Buy an advertisement now on our website or printed guide.