Sins of the Str8, White Father - By Ezra Buzzington

A bed center stage. A huge bed. Or a small one, maybe. Lit by a circle of perfectly focused amber light. This is your bed. And it’s empty. Dressed to your specifications. Pristine. A quarter would bounce off the tightly snuggled blanket. Or, perhaps it’s dishevelled: recently disrupted by loving secretions and the flailing activity of limbs akimbo. Whatever bed design you conjure up in your mind’s eye on this otherwise barren stage, you have made it. It’s time for you lie in it.There is a snowball rollin...

"God's Waiting Room" Lifts Spirits

One is unlikely to find God waiting in the reception area of the Let Live theater. This privately placed house of performance is snuggled stealthily between “I think Waze is broken.” and “Wait, Isn’t this The Actor’s Company or CAZT?”  However, following one’s successful ability to sort through some minor geographical challenges, a very seriously managed parking lot and many anxious actors in various stages of undress outside the theater, one w...

One City One Pride Festival Scholarship Winners Announced

We have partnered with the City of West Hollywood’s One City One Pride LGBTQ Arts Festival...

A new multimedia rock experience...

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The band enters the soundstage to record the soundtrack for a film. But reality and celluloid blur as the power of one real relationship begins to effect a Hollywood happy ending.

New York in Chains a Musical Comedy

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The Statue of Liberty has run away with a secret and found herself arrested. Songs, dance and comedy might save her and freedom? 5 Stars Rick Nicolet at SONY. Story: Don Lewis and Leonid Andronov