LA County Arts Commission Announces New Funding Opportunity for Non-Arts Organizations in Los Angeles County

Another interesting opportunity for those organizations that might consider themselves “arts adjacent”. Nice to see our county spreading their seed money in different areas, though I’m guessing many arts organizations are saying, “Hey, we don’t have enough as it is why you given’ it to those guys?” Like to get some of this seed for the Lemon but unfortunately you gotta be one of them there non-profits. Nasty, nasty non-profits. Here’s the presser info:...

Bloomberg Foundation Puts its Money Where LA Theater's Mouth Is

And many Los Angeles Theater companies are getting some serious financial nourishment. Pardon the mangling of that cherished saying, but check out all the organizations above that just got some cash help in their artistic missions. Many of them are most definitely 99 Seat Theater companies. So there!Many thanks to Bloomie and a hearty congrats to all the companies on the list....

Statistics Show There is No Money and No Audience for Los Angeles Performing Arts

These numbers are from the The Arts Index from Americans from the Arts. And they are sobering though not unexpected. Enjoy all you arts administrators out there trying to make this shit happen in Los Angeles.1. Adult population share attending live performing arts, 2012-14LA = 17.4%Chicago = 28.8%Seattle = 35.0%NY = 51.4%2. Nonprofit arts program revenue per capita, 20...

Cabrillo Music Theatre to Suspend Production At Conclusion of 2015-2016 Season

They are dropping like flies. This, I guess, could be considered one of them there mid-sizers? Hey, if the Intimates can’t find the money or the audience, what makes us think that the mid-sizers are going to fare any better?Here’s the news from the presser:It is with great sorrow that the Board of Directors of Cabrillo Music Theatre announces that it will suspend its productions at the conclusion of the 2015...

More Sobering Stats About the Performing Arts in America

Major hat tip to the lovely and talented Vanessa Stewart, as I cribbed this from her Facebook page. Don’t think she’ll mind, and if even if she did, Facebook is a public forum so…Check it:Full picture: According to a 2014 Theatre Communications Group Survey of 118 Theaters (15 of which had budgets of 499,000 or less)- federal funding was at a 5-year low in 2014, less than half of its 2010 level i...

Hollywood Fringe Awarded $10k from National Endowment for the Arts

The Hollywood Fringe Festival is proud to announce that it has been awarded a ...

Winners of HFF16 Fringe Scholarships

We’re proud to announce the winners of the 2016 Fringe Scholarships:...

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Advertising with the Hollywood Fringe Festival is an excellent way to promote your project, organization, brand, or cause. Buy an advertisement now on our website or printed guide.Advertising with the Hollywood Fringe Festival is an excellent way to promote your project, organization, brand, or cause. Buy an advertisement now on our website or printed guide.