LA County Arts Commission Announces New Funding Opportunity for Non-Arts Organizations in Los Angeles County

Another interesting opportunity for those organizations that might consider themselves “arts adjacent”. Nice to see our county spreading their seed money in different areas, though I’m guessing many arts organizations are saying, “Hey, we don’t have enough as it is why you given’ it to those guys?” Like to get some of this seed for the Lemon but unfortunately you gotta be one of them there non-profits. Nasty, nasty non-profits. Here’s the presser info:ARTS COMMISS...

Meet Development Director Vanessa Frey

Who are you, and what did you do to my socks?Oh sorry, those were your socks? I didn’t realize, and they were the perfect size to make a pair of pants for the squirrel that sits outside my window. Sorry I guess, but not that sorry; squirrels need pants too, you know.  As to who I am? I’m Vanessa Frey, a Libra who thinks astrology is garbage and whose hobbies (besides making tiny clothing for tiny animals of course) include reading and not watching sports. How did you get involved with Fringe, a...

Half Price Tickets!

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Get $7.50 tickets for our June 2nd 4PM and June 4th 6PM previews of this world premiere! Tickets for all other performances are $15 but you can get $10 with discount code FLASK.

Brooms Permitted but Not Required

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Once upon a time, the word "Witch" meant "wise woman." Did you know that Witches of old flew with the aid of broomsticks? Come learn how, and then fly with me!