Critics Fuck Everybody

I spent the last two weeks free of my life in Los Angeles. Sojourning on the east coast, I wrote no journalism and attended only three artistic endeavors: I participated in a script reading, I moshed at a punk show, and I saw two short plays on one bill. But the two plays were...

Critique of the Week (On a Monday)

Travis Michael scores the COW this week with his vibrant review of the Geffen’s Thom Pain. Here is a critic utterly engaged and utterly intrigued and doing his damnedest to tell you why. Good stuff. Aspire to this and you should be okay.THOM PAI...

Italian Actor Accidentally Hangs Himself

No, I know, but, this apparently is real. And I’m not going to comment on it too much because the poor guy, Raphael Schumacher, is fighting for his life but…Holy Shittzu!You want avant garde, here’s some avant garde. Visualize ...

The Tyranny of Wordsmiths

You’re not supposed to review the Wooster Group show at REDCAT. Yes, you. Harold Pinter says so, from the grave.It’s not REDCAT’s fault; that excellent venue may benefit from the controversy, but it didn’t cause it. And it’s not licensing agency Samuel French’s fault, either, for placing bizarre restrictions on the production – including the unenforceable edict, quite outside the control of the company or the venue, that no cr...

Meet Our New Outreach Coordinator

The Hollywood Fringe is growing, so we recently hired some new people to join our staff! First, we’d like to introduce our new colleague Ellen Den Herder.Hello Hollywood Fringe!I am so, so grateful to join the Hollywood Fringe Festival staff as Outreach Coordinator. I am new to the Los Angeles theater scene, but am ready to take the full plunge! Here’s a little bit about myself and my involvement this year…Q: What’s “outreach” and why do you sound so excited?</...

Putting the Bloated Non-Profit Pig on a Diet

Musician and blogger Michael Woodsongs Johnathon spins a poignant metaphor and touches on the dangers of all non-profits: bloat. Los Angeles Theater take note, the “garden” is the work, the “pig” is the infrastructure that supports the work. Or doesn’t. Here’s Woodsongs:Soon enough, most of the h...

What to See in Los Angeles Theater: Your Weekly LemonMeter Update

The boards are burning up here in SoCal, LemonHeads! There are currently 35 production Live on the LemonMeter as of the writing of this bad boy. That’s a whole lotta theater, folks, so why haven’t you made your reservations yet? Oh, perhaps, it’s because you’ve been waiting for your mid-week guide on what to see in Los Angeles Theater?Well, we aim to please.Here are the shows that the critics are liking...

Critique of the Week

Brian contacted us and said, “Hey, take a look at this!” So we did and we liked it. Funny thing was, we already had this in the chute. And so, for so vividly describing his enjoyment of the audience’s lack thereof, he gets this week’s COW. Enjoy!WOMEN LAUGHING ALONE WITH SALADBrian Sonia-Wallce – ArtsBeatLAHow exciting! No one in the theatre knew how...

Hoyt Hilsman on AEA and the Battle for LA Theater: "Actors Equity is mired in the past."

As always, Hoyt is right on the pulse and doesn’t hold back in calling it like he sees it:What all of this reveals – despite a years-long struggle to alter their consciousness – is that the leadership of Actors Equity is mired in the past. American theater, led by the vitality and creativity of artists like those in Los Angeles, has become a burgeoning and bustling coun...

The Wit of George Bernard Shaw & Winston Churchill

Oh Jesus I miss wit like this.These days it’s all about turning Trump’s lips into his eyes…Groan.Carry on....

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Advertising with the Hollywood Fringe Festival is an excellent way to promote your project, organization, brand, or cause. Buy an advertisement now on our website or printed guide.Advertising with the Hollywood Fringe Festival is an excellent way to promote your project, organization, brand, or cause. Buy an advertisement now on our website or printed guide.