Critique of the Week (On a Monday)

The playwright of “Need to Know,” Jonathan Caren, a show currently playing at Rogue Machine, contacted us asking if we might remove this particular review from the LemonMeter rating of his show. He told us, “It’s not the first time I’ve experienced direct attacks from him” – meaning Tony Frankel – and somehow got it in his head that removing Stage and Cinema from inclusion was OUR curren...

FLOOD / turn the tide

SheenRu Yong has been working with the idea of water for some time now in various places and countries.  In Hawai’i she and her fellow collaborators will stage a one time only peformance that looks at the intersection between land and water.  In this short interview I asked SheenRu about her current site specific project, FLOOD / turn the tide.What does water mean to us as human beings and to you personally?  And why is this project so relevant now...

What to See in Los Angeles Theater: Your Weekly LemonMeter Update

A little late with this one this week, LemonHeads, but here it is, your weekly guide for what to see in Los Angeles Theater pulled directly from our ever trusty LemonMeter.If you’re not seeing your show on this list and taking advantage of the 40 to 50k readers we’re getting a month, it’s probably because you haven’t received the required three reviews yet, or, more likely, because you’re not helping!Cr...

Actors Equity Association and the Plaintiffs in the Lawsuit Officially Agree to Continue to be Vague

Zzzzzz. Snort. Whoops sorry. Passed out for a moment there reading this latest presser. Okay. I’m back.Here’s the earth shattering news today if you haven’t already heard it yet:Actors’ Equity Association and the plaintiffs in the Asner vs. Actors’ Equity litigation announced today that they have agreed to continue conversations for an undetermined amount of time to attempt to resolve the issues that prompted the pending lawsuit.The parties expressed a mutual...

The Bitter Lemons' Best of Los Angeles Theater 2015

The time is here, LemonHeads! The time for all the Bitter Lemons’ Best of Lists! First we’ll have this Best of Los Angeles Theater list (see below), shit that left an impression on me, kept punching me in the face in a good way after I left the theater, then we’ll have the Top Rated list - which are the shows that received the best critical accolades pulled directly from our LemonMeter – and then we’ll have the ...

Bob Verini's Tops in Los Angeles Theater 2015

Bob and I had a couple of crossovers in our lists, but not many. And that’s a good thing. Eclecticism is a wonderful thing in an artistic community, especially in one that is actually as eclectic as ours here in LA. I’m just gonna offer up his bottom 5, you’ll have to go here to read the rest in his Timeout article....

The Los Angeles Post Interviews Bitter Lemons' Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder Colin Mitchell

Yes, I know I just referred to myself in the third person. It’s something we sometimes do in this odd media world of ours, especially when you’re a staff of one. Now don’t get excited, but this interview conducted by the tireless Dan Berkowitz over at The Los Angeles Post actually refers to me as “one of LA’s most fascinating theatre figures”.<...

Obama Signs Broadway Tax: Could Los Angeles Be Next?

This could be a big deal for Los Angeles. Something I was just talking about here and here. Check it from Playbill:The bill levels the playing field between New York-based theat...

Don Shirley's Top 20 Highlights in Los Angeles Theater 2015

Downer Don’s got his list at LA Observed and he does not need to check it twice. As a matter of fact, he already knows who’s been naughty or nice and I’m going to highlight that a little more vividly in a companion post to this one. But first, the good stuff. These are the shows in Los Angeles that stood out for...

The 24th Annual TicketHolder Awards 2015 - By Travis Michael Holder

THE 24th ANNUAL TICKETHOLDER AWARDS, 2015 by Travis Michael HolderSo despite our own union trying to completely destroy the promise of our prolific and hardworking community, this has proven to be one of the busiest and most remarkable years in my 28-plus years of reviewing theater in Los Angeles—hence my 15 Best Production candidates instead of the usual 10 and about 653 Best Director Runners-Up. The last few months, I’ve heard it said more than once that if the dastardly n...

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