Hire a Fringe Photographer

We’ve found some super-talented photographers to hire for your Fringe show! Don’t miss this opportunity— professional photos can be a great marketing tool! Sam AtkinTo work with Sam, contact him at (805)813-0818or at [email protected] Check out Sam’s work at www.samatkin.com.Option #1 ($200): Time for Photographer to shoot at designated rehearsal or performance, online gallery for image delivery, rights released for all images for show promotion.Option #2 ($100): Tim...

Meet Staff Photographer Matt Kamimura

Who are you?Hi, I’m Matt Kamimura. You may remember me from such Hollywood Fringe parties as Step and Repeat: The Musical and Prom 4: The Revengening.I’ve been a photographer practically my entire life. My first grade photos were Polaroids of my friends and of my toys. So many things have changed since then!Now I have a digital camera to take pictures of my #fringeships and I’m the event photographer at Funko. Ok, so maybe the more things change the more things stay the same.Haha! How did you ...

Comedy Play

A 3520 m 2572687

A modern British comedy play about settling old scores and finding true loves.

The Meatball Chronicles

A 3522 m 7739179

Broadwater Second Stage "Well written...beautifully played...powerful and riveting" Ron Bloomberg,writer (All In the Family) Special Event Option June 9 show/lunch at Hunter and Charlie's~ benefit for LA FoodBank- use discount code