Rose Wolfe - Winner of Showdown In Chinatown

Creative fusion allows the artist to test new ideas and push ones artistic style. Recently, Rose Wolfe, who performed last year at Fringe, created with her creative team a very simple performance video fusing dance and filmmaking. And perhaps therein lies its effectiveness, the simplicity of the piece, which saw them win first place at the filmmaking challenge, Showdown in Chinatown with their winning entry, Mess of Me, a song by Kings of Spade. Winding down from her recent filmmaking challenge in September, we thre...

Nathaniel Beaver Takes on FringeTV Director Role

Who are you? I’m Nathaniel Beaver. Most people call me “Beav”, which is cool by me. I am a fencer, movie buff, director, editor, filmmaker, Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit player, and Greek mythology enthusiast.  Oh, and I am from Indiana, proving that there is more than corn in Indiana. After college, I spent two amazing years traveling and working in beautiful New Zealand, before coming back to the US and moving to LA, where I started my production company, Parry-Riposte Films.  ...


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To be or not to be, but also, we’re out of toilet paper… There’s no space for soliloquies in this apartment. What happens when three of Shakespeare’s most iconic characters move in together? A sexy, bloody, love triangle.

How to be Lazy and Not Feel Guilty

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In this absurd satire, Jenine overworks herself until she goes insane! Watch her wrestle with a vibrant ensemble of weirdos. This play was workshopped at the 2017 William Inge Festival.