"Faster" is high octane theater, but it doesn't travel very far

Rarely does the name of a play and a producing entity better capture the tempo and tone of a production than the Rough Riders Theater production of Adam Rapp’s Faster. Bizarre plot twists and action happen at a breakneck pace, but it all comes so fast that is a very rough ride.Part of that, obviously, is the time limitations necessitated by productions at the Fringe. Given only an hour or so, director Travis Snyder-Eaton must shoehorn a great deal of dialogue into the proceedings. That means the cast is o...

When Topicality Isn't Enough: Treya's Last Dance

The one person show, regardless of its quality, has always been a bit enigmatic.On one hand, one person shows are hard to market. Theater thrives off of drama and conflict and while these are possible to manifest in a one person show, it is a harder task than creating conflict between two or more people.On the other hand, one person shows are relatively cheap to produce, are fantastically portable and, when armed with an incredibly gifted performer and a cohesive theatrical language, have the possibility of being hu...

A Poignant Fable, Timely Told: Lady into Fox @ The Hollywood Fringe Festival

I very rarely use the word charming to describe much of anything. This is mostly due to the fact that I am rarely charmed. For something to qualify as such, it must strike a nearly impossible balance between the familiar and the magical, the simple and the profound. Lady into Fox, a modern story-theater adaptation of David Garnett’s underrated 1922 novella with pictures, proves not only to be an undeniably charming and satisfying hour of theater, it accomplishes these feats with very limited resources. What wr...

Finding One's Self In A Room Of Strangers: Am I A Grown Up Yet

Sometimes a lack of experience can be a good thing. Or rather, sometimes a lack of experience about SOME things can be a good thing.You see, while Grayson Morris, the writer and sole performer in her one woman show Am I a Grownup Yet, may not be a seasoned theater artist, she’s been around the block before and has an alarming number of miraculously funny stories to tell as a result.Morris’ one woman show is about as perplexing as it is hilarious and engaging. The production has a relentlessly scrappy DIY...

Voices from the Fringe: Michael Evans Lopez and Maria Pasquarelli

One of the most intriguing solo shows at this year’s Fringe is The Inside Edge of the World (or Where Have All of the Good Serial Killers Gone?). It’s a fascinating study of a wannabe forensics detective who communicates telepathically with his dog and is simultaneously dealing with the trauma of being brainwashed by a suicide cult.It’s an intense and complex piece, and writer/producer Michael Evans Lopez and director Maria Pasquarelli had their work cut out for them to delineat...

The Music and The Mirror: The Woman of the Hat

There is no Broadway production that better signified the end of the “conventional” song-and-dance musical than 1975’s A Chorus Line. It marked the end of an era where big, unabashed dance numbers could occur (in a musical) without being staged with willful denial, noticeable irony or at the very least, inherently self-aware intent.A Chorus Line used its self-awareness and its meta-theatricality to not only move the genre forward, but also celebrate what it had been. Much of Melissa R. Randel’...

Voices from the Fringe: Molly Dworsky, Director of 'Thug Tunnel'

The Hollywood Fringe Fest, which runs June 9-26, 2016, is the place to see some of the most innovative theater from all around the world — and to discover some amazing new talent.This is my third year covering the Fest, an assignment I particularly savor because I love the weird — and the productions here are edgy, experimental, and uncensored.Last June, the improv group Robot Teammate and the Accidental Party (referenced hereafter as RT+AP) presented its first scripted musical, Timeheart, at the Fringe,...

Top ten things that piss your director off

 You killed at your audition, you have a great reputation in the community. You’re in a kick-ass show.  Now how do you maintain this magic to make sure that you are moving forward in your acting career?  For sure, don’t piss off your director.  Hollywood is known for it’s good actors.  And believe me, your director can be one of them.  Behind many a smile, “No worries”, or “We’ll make it work” phrase, could be a determined decision to neve...

Voices from the Fringe: Cathy Schenkelberg, Star of 'Squeeze My Cans'

Making its world premiere at this year’s Hollywood Fringe is Cathy Schenkelberg’s solo show Squeeze My Cans, in which the writer/performer chronicles her life as a member of the Church of Scientology — and how she got out.Hers is a story that seems ripe for a riveting theatrical experience, so I reached out to her for an interview about the production. As you’ll see here, Cathy is refreshingly frank and upfront about her journey through the world of thetans.How did you become involved wi...

Voices from the Fringe: The School of Night's Chris Johnson and Jen Albert

The Fringe is just around the corner, but there’s still time to meet the creatives behind some of the edgy shows scheduled for this year’s festival.The School of Night’s production of Punch and Judy seems ready-made for the Fringe. Taking the time-honored tradition of this centuries-old puppet show to violent new levels, the company is reenacting the classic with live actors who list “fighting” on their resumés as a primary skill.I contacted School’s Chris Johnson and Jen A...

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A modern British comedy play about settling old scores and finding true loves.

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Advertising with the Hollywood Fringe Festival is an excellent way to promote your project, organization, brand, or cause. Buy an advertisement now on our website or printed guide.Advertising with the Hollywood Fringe Festival is an excellent way to promote your project, organization, brand, or cause. Buy an advertisement now on our website or printed guide.