HFF16 Creative Workshop Series Announced

The Creative Workshops have passed—check out recordings of the sessions online.*We are so excited to share that we are launching a fall component of our Town Hall & Workshop series focusing on creative development, the writing process and mentorship in the arts. The writers’ workshops are intended for those new to writing for the stage, but even veteran Fringe participants may gain insight from an exploration of...

"And THEN What Happened, Daddy?": More Sage Writing Advice from a Six-Year-Old

Over the years I’ve written a series of posts about being schooled by my son Maxwell Henderson Mitchell on the art of writing. It actually started with this piece back when Max was barely two. And when my lessons became more refined when Max was three, I wrote two more pieces around the theme of “Pretend Stories”. You can read those...

"Leapfrog with Unicorns" Enrollment Deadline Extended to December 31st!

Wanted to keep this enrollment open as some people mentioned they are still in the process of sorting out their plans for the New Year. Fair enough. We still have some spots open so we are extending the enrollment deadline to December 31st, 2015.Here’s the skinny on the two collaborative intensives:Leapfrog with UnicornsENROLLMENT NOW OPEN FOR UN...

Heard Any Good Poop Jokes Lately?

 To say last week was rough would be an understatement. Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and the Dallas PD shooting? Honestly, rough can’t come close to expressing what I’ve felt over the past few years. This institutio...

The HFF18 Creative Workshop Series

We are thrilled to announce the return of our Creative Workshop series this fall. ...


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"Marty has Cancer" is a dark comedy about friendship, coming-of-age (in your 30’s), and the absurdity of “American Idol.” This weekend only, a world premiere.


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As a proud HFF Hotspot, we can’t wait for you to drop in for a bite or drink!