Voices from the Fringe: Cathy Schenkelberg, Star of 'Squeeze My Cans'

Making its world premiere at this year’s Hollywood Fringe is Cathy Schenkelberg’s solo show Squeeze My Cans, in which the writer/performer chronicles her life as a member of the Church of Scientology — and how she got out.Hers is a story that seems ripe for a riveting theatrical experience, so I reached out to her for an interview about the production. As you’ll see here, Cathy is refreshingly frank and upfront about her journey through the world of thetans.How did you become involved wi...

Voices from the Fringe: The School of Night's Chris Johnson and Jen Albert

The Fringe is just around the corner, but there’s still time to meet the creatives behind some of the edgy shows scheduled for this year’s festival.The School of Night’s production of Punch and Judy seems ready-made for the Fringe. Taking the time-honored tradition of this centuries-old puppet show to violent new levels, the company is reenacting the classic with live actors who list “fighting” on their resumés as a primary skill.I contacted School’s Chris Johnson and Jen A...

FringeMeter 2016 is Live!

Top of the site. FringeMeter. Live Real Time Review Aggregator Score pulled directly from the User Reviews on the Hollywood Fringe Site. This was the granddaddy prototype for our very own LemonHeadMeter. But we’ll get to that later. For now we have, FringeMeter 2016!How it works: See a show and then go to that show page on the Fringe site and post your review. The top secret magical algorithm takes care of the rest and pulls the data from there and into our engine over here at the Lemon&nbs...

Regarding the Chicago Profiles Theatre Abuse Story: Where is the Personal Responsibility?

What everyone seems to be either ignoring or intentionally skirting with this bizarre story coming out of Chicago is this:These were all consenting adults.Clearly this Darrell W. Cox dude is some kind of messianic, power-hungry, disturbed freak and it’s right that he’s been found out and called out, but these were not children in these shows, these were adults, and they all decided to just go along with all this crap?Take a look at this from the very long and thorough article at the Reader:But ...

Educate Yo-Self! Or Who Is Blamed?

I’m a writer. Writers write at every opportunity given.  I am not the collective voice of Bitter Lemons.  I take full responsibility and ownership as a writer with editing access to the Bitter Lemons site.  I love free speech.  I love the concept of being able to express oneself.  I love that one can make their voice heard through a collection of letters rearranged to fit your thoughts. I just love that shiz.  A few days ago an article was released on this site called &n...

On the Fringe with George

To his friend Brian Aherne, the depressive cad actor George Sanders wrote: December 31st, 1937Dear Brian,I was very happy to receive your angry letter, and I am glad I shook you up a bit. Ask yourself this question: If money (greed); loyalty to theatrical tradition (pernicious exhibitionism); rigid conformity to social convention (masochism), are incompatible with personal happiness—which should be sacrificed?You talk about the theatre as if it had some cosmic significance. As a matter of fact it is pathe...

Fringe Scholarships Return for HFF17

We are so happy to announce the return of this amazing program! Fringe Scholarships, created in 2016, exist to expand and diversify the pool of artists producing work at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. The inaugural program offered free registrations to five Hollywood Fringe productions, and the 2017 Fringe Scholarships program has expanded thanks to a grant from the National Endowment of the Arts.We will award 10 scholarships for Festival 2017, each of which includes: Free registration for one Hollywood Fringe ...

2017 Hollywood Fringe Town Hall & Workshop Series Schedule

If you are considering participating in the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival, we urge you to attend our free Town Hall & Workshop series (especially if this is your first HFF). The Town Halls, led by Festival Director Ben Hill, cover everything you need to know to produce a successful Fringe show. The Workshops, moderated by Outreach Director Meghan McCauley, are specialized discussions featuring Fringe veterans to help you navigate the festival. We’ll have informal social mixers followin...

Registration Now Open for 2017 Festival

Participant Registration for The 8th Annual Hollywood Fringe Festival is now open. You can begin the three steps of registration by creating a project today. Registrations must be completed by April 1st in order to be included in the printed Fringe Guide. Producers wishing to register after the April deadline will still be able to sell tickets through the festival’s website.We have launched a new registration wizard which will guide you through the process and ...

HFF17 Twitter Chat Schedule

Every year we host a series of Twitter Chats in order for Fringers to meet and mingle online before the festival begins. It’s a great way to recruit audiences and make #fringeships long before June. You’ll get to tweet about how the process is going for you as well as the opportunity to chat with Fringe staff members.This year we’ll be hosting the Twitter Chats at the following times:February 27th (Mon), 7:00pm-8:00pm PDTMarch 13th (Mon), 2:00pm-3:00pm PDTMarch 27th (Mon), 7:00pm-8:00pm&n...

Half Price Tickets!

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Don't miss the world premiere of All American Sex Addict/Woke AF. Tickets for our June 3rd 4:30PM preview are $7.50. Tickets for all other shows are $15 but get them for $10 with discount code VEGAN.


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Matt and Zeke get caught having sex at a gay conversion therapy camp in southern Ohio. As punishment for their sins, Brother Mike and Sister Constance devise a plot to cure them of their illness, and exorcise a few homosexual demons along the way.