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Fringe Buttons

Buttons are your community badge identifying you as a Fringe citizen. Wear it with pride as you journey from one Fringe experience to another.

Your Fringe button provides perks including:

  • $1 off all ticket purchases sold through the Fringe
  • $1 off all drinks at select Fringe Sponsored Events
  • Entry to Fringe sponsored events including jams, panels, parties, and workshops
  • Discounts to local businesses through our Hot Spot Program
  • Evidence that you are a member of the Fringe community and a supporter of the arts
the 2016 Fringe Button

The button costs $5 this year. These funds help make the Fringe better and better with each passing year.

If you see someone with a button, feel at liberty to ask them about their Fringe experience thus far: Shows they loved, shows that inspire, shows they’d avoid. The best way to plan your days is through word of mouth from fellow Fringe citizens and the kindness of strangers.

You can purchase a button at


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It’s America. Almost now. After a coordinated terrorist event, the government has taken over…for our own good. Five women grasp for hope and humor in their new role as survivors. One Defends. One Searches. One Delivers. One Tattoos. One Buries.

Gilda Radner Tribute

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This one woman show pays homage to Gilda’s infamous characters, quirky songs and stories of how she used humor to get through the struggles of a life cut short. This is a glimpse into the humor, life and the timeless spirit of a girl named Gilda.