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Fringe Branding

We strongly encourage placing the Fringe logo on your materials to indicate your show is a part of the larger festival. You may utilize the logo however you like including adding new colors, shapes, or distress.

NOTE: Any materials (cards, posters, etc) you’d like to display at Fringe Central MUST have the Hollywood Fringe logo on it. Any materials dropped at Fringe Central without this logo will be filed and available for pickup until the last day of the festival when it will be recycled.

Download a print quality logo image:
eps format | jpeg format | psd format

Download a print quality logo with dates image:
eps format | jpeg format | psd format

Pay for the Whole Seat,Only Use the Edge

A 2232 m 835375

Kidnapping! Damnation! FAMILY! Clever twists and bright performances delight!-ELIZAWTH JOHNSON,"made me laugh and cry as I watched the twists and turns of each story unfold."-PAULA DEMING,"acting was great by the entire ensemble."-LAURA NARGI

$5 SHOW FINAL SHOW! Tomorrow 9:30pm

A 2192 m 2751037

"BARRELS OF FUN! Innovative, quick-paced, articulate, clever, raucous..." - In this fresh and sexy take on Shakespeare’s classic comedy, QC explores the characters’ expression of gender in a time before there were labels to define it.