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How much will it cost?

The cost of your Fringe experience depends entirely on your choices.

Venue Rent

Venue rent ranges wildly. Some venues may provide free spaces in exchange for 100% of the box office or the guarantee of a free admittance show. Venues generally charge between $150-$300 a performance depending on the time slot (some more, some less). It is really a measure of the deal you can cut with your venue. When dealing with venues, state your budget and how many shows you’d like. Work with them to create the best deal for all parties involved and make sure to sign a contract!


Fringe registration costs $250 for multi-performance paid shows and $175 for free and/or single-performance shows. Check out the benefits of registration.


You will probably want to save some money in your budget for marketing your show. This may include the following outlets:

  • Reserve an ad in the Fringe guide or website
  • Promote through one of our media partners
  • Print a flyer/post card
  • Buy an ad on google/facebook

Note that there are many marketing outlets that are totally free including creating a facebook page, posting on twitter, attending fringe social programs, and email blasts. Get creative and save money!


Every show will have different production needs – it’s up to you to develop the perfect show for your budget. In the spirit of most Fringes, production costs tend to be low to place the emphasis on the performers and the work.

Make sure to insure your production. Insurance can sometimes be covered by your venue (make sure to ask!).

Making Money/Breaking Even

In all cases, if you do your work promoting your show properly and budget according to your needs, there is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t at least break-even and hopefully leave the Fringe with more in your pocket than a fantastic experience with a like-minded community.

Young Playwrights Festival

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The 12 best plays in the US by writers age 9 to 19. Presented by professional actors and directors in a month-long Festival. Now in its 23rd year!


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One of the most critically acclaimed plays ever to come out of the Edinburgh Fringe. ‘Pick of the Fringe’ two years running. "The Bard Mark Two: Genius!" - BBC. "Britain's hot theatrical talent" - Beat Magazine. "Go see it and watch great theatre in action" (5 stars) - UK Theatre Network. “This is unmissable!” (5 stars) – Three Weeks. “Funny, brilliantly acted” (5 stars) - British Theatre Guide. Plus FREE CHOCOLATE! :)