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Why Become a Fringe Venue?

Fringe Festivals thrive through massive artistic participation and key venue partnerships. Fringe programming includes performances developed by hundreds of artistic groups in theatre, music, dance, comedy, variety, and more. Each group requires a space to perform or exhibit their work; the partners in the Fringe venue program provide that space.

Using our Website, relationships are fostered between venues and artists. The venue enjoys full control over programming and rental prices/deals charged to artists.

If you are an artistic organization with rights on a space, you may present your own work in the Fringe. Foot traffic created by well-chosen additional programming provides an opportunity to further promote the “home team” show.

The concept of the entrepreneurial venue is the key to success for most Fringe Festivals. Every year, independent venues present new and interesting work to the public with hopes of becoming the most visited, most successful, or most admired in the Fringe.

We look forward to working with you and hope you will join us.


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A classical theater actor shares his repertoire of sonnets & verses with the poignant theme of time; literary works from the ancient past to now. Coalesce theatrical storytelling, music, video & movement for an intimate experience. At Hudson Guild

Help me pay the band!

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Travel back to 1967 in this touching tribute and experience John’s 10 year overnight sensation in this mixed media narrative. Featuring a cast of 20 and a 4 piece blues ensemble.