About the Company


The company behind the Hollywood Fringe Festival was founded in January 2005 with a singular mission: Produce new and provocative works by undiscovered artists for benefit of the community.

Our inaugural production was The Hatchery Festival in Washington DC. Its mission to introduce new works was widely received as a critical injection of vigor into the community’s literary culture. The playwrights underwent an extensive dramaturgical workshop process to improve their plays, and prepare them for production. In recognition of our efforts towards community enrichment, we were awarded a grant from the DC Commission for the Arts and Humanities.

In June 2010, The Hollywood Fringe Festival launched its inaugural festival, filling over 17,000 seats in over 30 different venues throughout central Hollywood. We featured 186 distinct showswith over 800 performances. Approximately 10% of our festival was international with one third of all participants coming from out-of-state.

The 2016 Festival debuts on June 9 in Hollywood, CA.


Festival Director
Ben Hill*

Producing Director
Dave McKeever*

Development Director
Kanchan Mattoo*

Communications Director
Stacy Jones Hill*

Outreach Director
Meghan McCauley

Volunteer Director
Stina Pederson

Development Manager
Vanessa Frey

Sponsorship Manager
Lois Neville

Publicity Manager
Brittany Gash

FringeTV Manager
Bex Frankeberger

FringeTV Editor
Nathaniel Beaver

Outreach Coordinator
Ellen Den Herder

Staff Photographer
Matt Kamimura

Fringe Freaks created by
Gavin Worth

2016 Illustrations by
Aik Design


Front of House Director
James Warfield

Scenery Designer
David Offner

Lighting Designer
Brandon Baruch

Technical Director
Corwin Evans

Concierge Manager
Jamie Semel

Assistant Concierge Managers
Nina Leonard & Ruby Lanet

Fringe Cabaret Manager
Bella Luna

Master Electrician
Kelley Finn


Jon Armstrong, Ben Hill* (chair), Kanchan Mattoo*, Stacy McKee, Steven Leigh Morris, Dave McKeever*, Victoria Watson, Matt Wells



Bryan Burgess*, Alexa Hill*, Ben Hill*, Nicholas Hill*, Stacy Jones Hill*, Kanchan Mattoo*, David McKeever*, Ken Peterson*, Abbie Wagoner*


*2010 cofounders

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