The Registration Process

Registering for the Fringe is a three-step process.

Step One: Create your Project

It’s totally free to post an idea on our website…just create a project.

It can be anything you might like to bring to the Fringe, there is no obligation. Add some thoughts, pictures, video: Whatever you need to articulate your idea. This is a public project – anything you post can be seen by the Fringe world. Hopefully, it will attract some attention from members of the community who might be able to help by lending resources and assistance.

Step Two: Secure Your Venue

Ready to take it to the next step? Get ready to hunt for a venue. We have made this process easier by securing a list of Hollywood venues interested in hosting Fringe programming. When you apply, they will receive an email with your application information and a link to your project. Feel free to contact them directly once you have applied online.

Already have leads on a venue in Hollywood? Register your own venue. Participants converting unlikely spaces into full-fledged Fringe venues is the lifeblood of the festival. You might also open your new venue to other fringe projects, offsetting your costs and expanding opportunities to other artists.

See our article on finding a venue to learn more about this process.

Step Three: Register with the Fringe

Once you have an agreement with your venue, it’s up to them to make the next step. They need to create a “Deal” on the website which includes the timing of performances you’ve booked with them. The performances they enter will eventually appear in the printed guide, the website and the mobile app – it’s critical that these are accurate.

Once they have created the deal, you will receive an email with a link to register with the Fringe and pay the registration fee.

Important note: You cannot register until your venue has proposed this deal via the website. If you already have a deal on paper but have yet to receive an email from the Fringe website, contact your venue. If it’s close to the deadline (April 1) and you still haven’t heard, contact us and we can help.

Fringe registration fees are $250 for paid, multi-performance shows and $175 for one-offs and free shows. Check out what you get with your registration fee.

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