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The LadyParts Collective Premieres First Production, The Gray,
at Hollywood Fringe Festival

Piece Illuminates the Complexities of Navigating Life After College Sexual Assault

Hollywood, Calif., May 14, 2018 – Inspired by interviews with the Los Angeles college community, THE GRAY follows freshman Bianca as she navigates the bumpy road to health and justice after experiencing sexual assault. The story touches on the many real-world situations students face as they try to heal and move forward after trauma. THE GRAY was conceived, written and produced by The LadyParts Collective – an all-female theater company creating works about social issues that impact the Los Angeles community. It was created with the goal of igniting a dialogue about sexual assault on Los Angeles college campuses, and generating actionable solutions. The five performances at the Hollywood Fringe festival feature current students and alumni of Moorpark College. These are the first students to perform the piece.

“We’re excited to partner with students and alumni of Moorpark College to bring this important piece to the Fringe Festival, with the goal of sparking a discussion about an issue that affects 1 in 5 college students,” said Lori Erickson, co-producer of THE GRAY and co-founder of The LadyParts Collective. “It’s our hope that by showcasing the full production of THE GRAY we will connect with others who want to take this play to their school or community.”

With this production, The LadyParts Collective hopes to demonstrate how the script can be used as a tool to spark a change-activating dialogue in any classroom or theater setting. An accompanying “digital toolkit” will be available for viewing by colleges and community members interested in bringing the production to their communities. The digital toolkit offers tips for leading a post-show dialogue and offering resources about the topic. After the show, the audience is invited to participate in a “living” art installation reflection.

We encourage you to join us for one or more of these thought-provoking performances. Get tickets here:

Press Contact:
Eva Coffey
[email protected]

For Other Information About THE GRAY or The LadyParts Collective, Contact:
Lori Erickson
[email protected]

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