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NOW LEASING is a fresh, exciting production that engages audiences in an examination of the short time we have to explore life. It’s literal-Lea a one-woman show: Lea McGowan is the creator, writer, costume designer, and all-around performing artist. A multi-dimensional performer, Lea goes from being chicken to embodying courageous acts of the heart, playing out her own fantasy unicorn love story. Under the direction of Stanley Allan Sherman, a master of Commedia Dell’Arte and renowned mask craftsman himself, NOW LEASING has developed in clarity and depth, reaching ultimate truths. Magical, mysterious, enchanting- this production is a genuine play, inviting members of the audience onstage to participate and get in on the action. Lea plays on words in her frolicsome parody, “Look at me, I’m ADD” inspired by “Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee” from the classic American musical, Grease. Changing up the pace is a mesmerizing contemporary dance and aerial silks fusion number, creating a delightful balance of highly physical play and introspective inquiry into an otherwise extrovert-Lea entertaining comedy drama. Combining all her skills of classical ballet, dance, psychology, clowning, circus performing, yoga, teaching, acting, singing, improvisation and stand up comedy, it’s no wonder even Nigel Lythgoe (So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol) praises Lea to be a “talented entertainer.” Sharon Osbourne (America’s Got Talent) told Lea she is a “graceful and gracious, a true ballerina.” In an honest exposé of her life experiences, Lea draws the audience into her world. With archetypal figures-an elderly lady, chickens and unicorns and universal themes of love, self-acceptance, and turning deficits into assets. How does she do it, you ask? Go see for yourself at the West coast premiere of NOW LEASING, Complex Theatres as part of Hollywood Fringe Festival June 2013. More NOW LEASING tour dates to follow, including performances in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival August 2013.

Parental Guidance is recommended, well-suited for teenage and adult audiences.
Innuendo and mature content is likeLea to go over youngster’s heads.
Lea states: "I like to think of this as a family show. I do say the word “sperm.” As an audience member attests- “families come from sperm.” So yes, I think it is a great family show."

NOW LEASING is not a Burlesque show. Costume changes happen onstage.
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NOW LEASING Show Promo and Interview

NOW LEASING Showtimes @ Ruby Theatre, Complex Theatres 6476 Santa Monica Boulevard
Saturday June 8 @ 2:15
Saturday June 15 @ 4:15
Sunday June 16 @ 5:45
Saturday June 22 @ 2:15
Sunday June 23 @ 2:15
Saturday June 29 @ 4:15
Sunday June 30 @ 2:15

pLEAse direct Questions and Inquires to [email protected] or call (917) 741-0159***


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