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Theatre Asylum Lab
1078 Lillian Way
Los Angeles, CA 90038


Contact: Mike Targus
[email protected]

The Theatre Asylum Lab Presents The Search for Ron Mims

The Theatre Asylum Lab (located near Santa Monica and Vine, on Theatre Row in Holywood) will be hosting The Search for Ron Mims written and performed by local comedian, Mike Targus on June 9th, 19th, and 20th.

The Search for Ron Mims takes place primarily in Mike’s hometown of Detroit and is a collection of stories, monologues and characters with the conceit of them occurring during a ten-year “blackout” or bender Mike experienced while living in Detroit, Chicago, and New York.

Quote from the show: “I want you to think of this as an odyssey, one that started in a little building in downtown Detroit that would one day be a bar, and ends tonight, right here on this stage.”

It’s a one-man theatrical event, with a special guest: Rita Khori as Mike’s bartender. She serves the drinks, while he infuses the show with sprinklings of stand-up, storytelling, and candid moments. Characters cover the spectrum from your basic Vietnam vet turned “schizo” to Nikola Tesla, and the stories include both drug deals gone bad re-told in cinematic style and the experience of being the token white guy.

Mike Targus recently finished producing a sitcom pilot he wrote and starred in entitled, “Mackinac Black,”, and performs with his comedy troupe, The Improv Bruvahs at iO West. Mike studied with The Upright Citizens Birgrade in New York City, Improv Olympic in Chicago and Second City in Detroit. Mike is originally from Detroit, where he grew up and helped found a theatre downtown. He also currently owns and operates his own production company, Hot Snow Productions.

Tickets are $10 and are available by calling the Hollywood fringe Festival, on their site , or at the door. For more information, please call 734-552-5136, or contact Mike via email, [email protected]

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