Meet Fringe Central Master Electrician Kelley Finn


Our Master Electrician Kelley Finn (center) is the one with all the power at Fringe Central.

Hello! My name is Kelley and I’m a master electrician. More specifically, the master electrician for Fringe Central. Originally from Florida (no, not Disney World. North Florida), I’ve spent the better half of my life traveling around the US doing lighting for theatre, opera, dance, television, concerts, and events.


Two months after I moved to LA, I was hired to be the Fringe Central ME for HFF15 and nothing blew up, so they keep hiring me. Most of my work is done before Fringe officially opens but during the festival I can be found at Fringe Central making sure everything turns on, assisting with Cabaret, and telling people no, they can’t plug in all their various devices. I’m thrilled to be working on my third season of Fringe and can’t wait for another awesome summer of theatre.



That’s pretty much it. I’m a stagehand, I hate talking about myself.

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