The Outdoor Fringe Event

I have always been sort of a theme park freak.

It wasn’t the rides per se that attracted me – it was the experience. When I enter a given theme park, I don’t rush to the tallest coaster, I tend to walk around and soak up the atmosphere. I then start to get very judgmental – comparing everything to great theme parks I have attended in the past. I suppose in an alternative life I should have been a professional theme park designer.

But no, I chose a life in the theatre – which itself is an experiential existence. When we attend the theatre we find ourself transported into the world of the production. We give over a part of ourselves and surrender our grip on reality to adopt this new reality on stage. If only we could reach out and touch it…interact with the world in front of us. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Enter the Fringe outdoor event: An experience in performance, decor, food, and spectacle. We are in the (very) early stages of planning this particular extravaganza and the scale, scope, and ambitiousness of our ideas thus far has me very excited. We are thinking the artistic and theatrical equivalent of a world-class renaissance festival, if that metaphor appeals to you.

So what is this event of which you speak? (you may ask)

To compliment the indoor events – ye olde fringe faire – we produce an event to include various street and outdoor performances. We create a unique experience for the fringe-goer. Walk into the Fringe outdoor event and you are greeted with the world of fringe: Its sights, smells, music, and fun.

Hungry for details? Me too. We are currently seriously discussing the content and form of this part of the festival. With the proper funds, folks, and commitment we can create something very special – a spiritual hub for the fest. This is an ambitious project to compliment a VERY ambitious uber-project, so we welcome our community’s help and support.

As more decisions are made and milestones achieved, you can bet you will be hearing more about it. For one, I think we need a better title than “the outdoor event”.

just telling my story, man

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