HFF16 Creative Workshop Series Announced


Attendees of a 2015 Town Hall at The Dragonfly // Photo: FringeTV

The Creative Workshops have passed—check out recordings of the sessions online.*

We are so excited to share that we are launching a fall component of our Town Hall & Workshop series focusing on creative development, the writing process and mentorship in the arts. The writers’ workshops are intended for those new to writing for the stage, but even veteran Fringe participants may gain insight from an exploration of another artist’s creative process. These workshops are meant to complement the spring events, which deal mostly with marketing and registration topics. 

A small panel of veteran Fringe writers will share their experiences and answer questions November 16th & 17th at The Dragonfly (6510 Santa Monica Blvd.) at 6:30pm on both days. The November 16th session will focus on solo writing practices; the November 17th session is intended for collaborative writers and devisers. Make sure to RSVP here for the Solo Workshop and here for the Collaborative Workshop in order to ensure a seat. 

Attendees can see the awesomeness of The Dragonfly, the site of last year’s Fringe Central. 

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West Coast premiere of exciting new work by Welsh playwright Matthew Bulgo. Tom is forced to confront the demons of the past in order to save his family's future. "One of the best things on the Fringe." **** The Scotsman


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Spec fiction/sci fi play set in a corporate theocracy where sleep & dreams are manufactured by the multinational, Narcolepsy, Inc. whose chief scientist & engineer, a queer Black woman, is under house arrest for selling company secrets.