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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRESS CONTACT: Rebecca Dru. [email protected] +1.310.409.9765 THE HOLLYWOOD FRINGE FESTIVAL 2018 Proudly Presents: SPIRITUAL ECSTASY May 31 – June 16, 2016. for 5 performances only! A new work from Misti Cooper & Rebecca Dru “Divinely inspired change ... read all
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New Project in solo performance by Karen Macarah

Apr 09 @ 6:14 PM
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solo performance · solo performance · Ages 16+ · world premiere · one person show · 45 mins · United States of America ·
Is it ever too late to start over? With witty wine-glass-in-hand-philosopher Roni, let's break open a bottle of wine and see... ...view more
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New Project in ensemble theatre by Dylan Werth

Apr 09 @ 6:26 PM
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ensemble theatre · denver hamlet · Ages 16+ · family friendly · United States of America ·
When one roommate can't express his opinions about the other artistically, the two meet up to discover why. However they both have a different opinion to the matter that may ruin their friendship... ...view more
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Release: "UnReel" Storms the Gates!

Apr 09 @ 1:40 PM
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"A manifesto, wrapped in a polemic, wrapped in a crisis." — The Saturday Evening Post "We didn't cover any of this in class." — HR, 12th Grade English Teacher "A post-primal bunch of didactic bullshit, orchestrated to yank at the most subversive elements of human society. I loved it... read all
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World Premiere · Preview – Sunday, June 3, 11:45am · Friday, June 8, 7:45pm · Monday, June 11, 9:45pm · Sunday, June 17, 7:45pm · Saturday, June 23, 3:45pm At the Lounge Theatre (6201 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90038) as part of the Hollywood Fring... read all
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New Project in solo performance by Ashley Ford

Apr 07 @ 3:34 PM
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solo performance · the owl and the pussycat theatre co. · Ages 14+ · world premiere · one person show · 45 mins · United States of America ·
Victoria Woodhull, clairvoyant, stockbroker and first woman to run for President of the United States in 1872, joins us from beyond the grave, in the light of Hollywood's recent #MeToo movement, to tell her tale and finally set the record straight. ...view more
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New Project in solo performance by Peter Cameron

Apr 07 @ 6:45 PM
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solo performance · chinquapin · Ages 10+ · world premiere · one person show · United States of America ·
Armed with a drum and a backpack full of magical trinkets, a young traveler is wandering the world in search of something.... can you help him find it? ...view more
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Release: CRUNCH

Apr 07 @11:30 AM
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Crunch for the Hollywood Fringe Festival Rocky friendships, cave monsters, love, and other natural disasters on the San Andreas Fault Three best friends from high school, run aground on shitty jobs and instability in their early twenties, try to keep their adolescent love for each other alive ... read all
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New Project in cabaret & variety by Elena Egusquiza

Apr 06 @ 3:41 PM
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cabaret & variety · elena rayn · Ages 18+ · flashing lights · includes nudity · world premiere · one person show · 45 mins · United States of America ·
Rayn is a one-woman psychedelic electro opera about everyone’s favorite muse: the sex worker. All proceeds benefit Sex Workers Outreach Project Los Angeles. ...view more
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News Release For Immediate Pree Release Press Contact: MATTHEW DOMENICO | [email protected] | (714) 813-8160 Ensemble Theater | Drama LOS ANGELES (June 1, 2018)— The Foxhole Stories: Twist, Pull, Smoke, Run-Motherfucker-Run! is making its world premiere at The Lounge Theater (6201 Sa... read all
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New Project in musicals and operas by Vance Stringer

Apr 06 @10:43 AM
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musicals and operas · bungalow v productions · Ages 13+ · world premiere · United States of America ·
After being dumped by his performer boyfriend on a cruise ship, a spoiled New Yorker takes a job as a lackey on the same ship in an attempt to win him back. Based upon a semi-true story, this musical comedy-drama is set aboard a Caribbean cruise ship and features covers of contemporary pop songs. ...view more
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New Project in cabaret & variety by Hung Yung Terrarist

Apr 05 @ 8:52 PM
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cabaret & variety · hush hush theatre group · Ages 15+ · one person show · 40 mins · United States of America ·
Hung Yung Terrarist's explosive one-woman production traversing her kaleidoscopic journey through megalomania, narcissism, growing pains, desperate measures and bipolar tendencies. "If Los Angeles is the Freak Kingdom, then Hung Yung Terrarist is its Regnant Queen." - Jarett Kobek. ...view more
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New Project in musicals and operas by Laura Jo Trexler

Apr 05 @ 7:13 PM
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musicals and operas · laura jo trexler · Ages 12+ · family friendly · world premiere · one person show · 45 mins · United States of America ·
PLAY ON! is an innovative, new one-woman musical in which Shakespeare's most famous female characters share their stories from their own, unique perspective through song. These musical stories are woven together by a modern day "Renaissance woman." ...view more
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Release: Spaceman Press Release

Apr 05 @ 9:47 PM
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Spaceman will be Melissa Vitello's first time directing theater. Coming from a film background, Melissa has won an award for Best Screenplay from the Pasadena Film Festival and nominated Best Director and Best picture multiple times for her first feature film back in 2016. Spaceman is a story abou... read all
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Ever had something to say, but keep it to yourself because you had to be polite and PC? White People Drinking is those conversations. It serves up all the topical taboo scenarios we fear on a silver platter of wit and whimsy. Rooted in a modern American political satire, WPD highlights the dangers o... read all

NoHo Arts District

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Want Valley Theatregoers at your show? (1 million visitors yearly) - #1 source for theatre in the Valley now offering exclusively to Fringe productions Review, frontpage AD and social media to 26,000 followers for $165.

Love Takes A Stand: A Revo⅃ution

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Love Takes A Stand is a personal and political love jam. A New Musical Experience -- theatrical-jazz-folk fusion with stylized narrative. Acute audience interplay. A World Premiere of a rousing call to love in action!

The Meatball Chronicles

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Broadwater Second Stage "Well written...beautifully played...powerful and riveting" Ron Bloomberg,writer (All In the Family) Special Event Option June 9 show/lunch at Hunter and Charlie's~ benefit for LA FoodBank- use discount code